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TH/500 WH WL

Heat regulation and hygrometric control

Manufacturer CAME

TH/500 WH WL is a radio link timed thermostat with a touchscreen display from the Bpt temperature control range, for wall mounting. It communicates via radio with the output modules of the home automation to control boilers and zone solenoid valves in heating and cooling systems.
It has the following technical features:
• Battery-powered (2x1.5V type AA)
• Backlit touchscreen display
• Weekly programming
• Temperature programming on 3 levels
• Proportional integral regulation program
• Summer-Winter-Off Operation
• Controlled temperature range 3 - 35° C
• Thermal differential regulation 0 - 0.9°C
• Precision 0.3 °C
• All-purpose program
• Frost-protection function
• Delay switching on or off
• Advance automatic switch-on
• Calibration of temperature measurement


140x91x24 mm


Heat regulation and hygrometric control TH/500 WH WL - CAME

Heat regulation and hygrometric control TH/500 WH WL - CAME
Came Domotic 3.0 (en)
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