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RUG HOME ECRU/Square Light

Wall/floor tiles


Rug Home® Collection
A delicate Texture enriches the ceramic material creating unique and elegant surfaces.
RUG HOME® has a delicate texture inspired by fabric and an intriguing versatility that makes it perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
Rug Home® is available in four enticing colours (Polar, Steel, Ecru, Shark), with two surface finishes (Natural rectified and Honed rectified); with its decorations (Rosone 60x60 cm/24”x24” - angolo, fascia, inserto), it creates cosy spaces and decorates with the fullness of its material.
Rug Home®, available in two sizes (40x80 cm/16”x32” and 60x60 cm/24”x24”) in Field Tile, Decoro 3D and Decoro Square Dark/Light mood – 11 mm thickness, decorates without being invasive, blending with contemporary spaces and playing with the other furnishing elements in a continuous metamorphosis of taste.


Wall/floor tiles RUG HOME ECRU/Square Light - CERAMICA FONDOVALLE

Wall/floor tiles RUG HOME ECRU/Square Light - CERAMICA FONDOVALLE
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