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Smoothing compound

Manufacturer CAP ARREGHINI

Rasacap Line
Powdered, single-component adhesive-top coat plaster natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and quartz sands to be used as a top coat plaster for the repair and profiling of vertical wall substrates, both in interior and exterior environments.  Thanks to the natural characteristics of hydraulic lime (NHL), it meets the requirements of green building. It does not contain cement. COLOURS:Grey. Istructions:Do not apply in conditions of strong sunlight or on very windy days; (if necessary, dampen the substrate). Do not apply to frozen or wet substrates. Preparing the surface:The substrate must be free from parts that are uneven or breaking off, free from pollution such as smog, mould or moss. For better adhesion to the plaster undercoat, it is advisable to apply the product when still fresh. If this is not possible, dampen the surface prior to application. Top coat plastering:Add 5-6 litres of water to a 25 kg bag of Rasacap Biolime 401 and mix using a whip mixer at a slow speed, until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. The paste must be left to sit for 5 minutes. Then, mix it again for a short time and correct its viscosity by additional water, if necessary. Apply the product using a trowel or spatula in coats that must be at least 2 mm thick, but not superior to 1 cm per coat. To prevent cracking during the drying process, thicknesses above 1 cm must be applied in several coats, around 6 hours apart, until the fibreglass mesh is completely embedded. During the summer season and/or in windy conditions, the surface must be treated and damped by sprinkling water for at least 48 hours. Finishing:Wait for approximately three weeks, then apply Murisol or Murisol W primer followed by a finish from the Trasil series, or K81, or Murival or Thermocap Rivestimenti coatings. The indicated mortar curing time changes with the varying of temperature and humidity conditions.
Smoothing compound 401 - CAP ARREGHINI

Smoothing compound 401 - CAP ARREGHINI
Smoothing compound 401 - CAP ARREGHINI

Smoothing compound 401 - CAP ARREGHINI
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