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Dehumidifying plaster

Manufacturer CAP ARREGHINI

Rasacap Line
Powdered product containing hydraulic binders, selected inert substances and specific additives. It must be mixed with fresh water to form a highly workable tixotropic paste, ready for application and creation of highly performing reclaiming plasters. Hardened mortar has considerable resistance to atmospheric agents and resolves issues relating to the salt content and capillary rise in masonry. It is characterised by excellent permeability to steam and good thermal properties. It is ideal for use as a rendering coat and plaster. COLOURS:Grey. USE:Reclamation of wet masonry where capillary rise problems exist, in both interior and exterior environments, dehumidification of masonry deteriorated by salt exfoliation, reclamation of underground environments from both condensate and humidity, on condition that water infiltrations from the outside are not present. Instructions:Apply at temperatures of between +5°C and +30°C. Do not apply in conditions of strong sunlight or on very windy days: during the summer season, damp the product within the first 48 hours of the curing process. Do not mix the product adding water during the grip time. Preparing the surface:Remove the existing plaster down to 70-100 cm above the humidity and degraded level. Remove any uneven or flaking off parts. Level the mortar joints when they are uneven.  In conditions of strong salt concentrations, scrape and brush down to the wall surface, then smooth and fill holes with Rasacap KZ Deumidificante dehumidifying agent and brick chippings. Prepare the strips using wooden rulers or synthetic materials. If Rasacap KZ Deumidificante dehumidifying agent id used, the strips must be prepared two days in advance. Preparing the product:In a rotary concrete mixer pour 5 litres of fresh water for each bag of Rasacap KZ Deumidificante. Then, add product slowly and mix for 3-5 minutes until a creamy paste is obtained. Using the product:Apply Silomur to a dry or slightly damp substrate, diluted at 30-40% with turpentine using a low pressure spray-gun (max. 2 bar) or a brush.  The consumption rate depends on the type of masonry and material abosrption level. After 15-30 minutes, apply a rendering coat with dehumidifying agent Rasacap KZ Deumidificante adding approx. 10 litres of clean water for each bag of product. After 3-5 hours, apply one coat of dehumidifying agent Rasacap KZ Deumidificante at a min. thickness of 2 cm as instructed below: apply the product; do not squash and do not make any finishing operations when in the plastic state; prop up softly and prevent squashing by passing on the level strips installed at previous stages; finish with an excellent levelling coat of 1-2 mm, using a sponge trowel to apply the product. Finishing:Wait around two weeks and then apply a painting cycle using highly water vapour permeable products selecting from the Trasil or Silicap range. Trasil products, in particular, guarantee greater resistance.
Dehumidifying plaster KZ - CAP ARREGHINI

Dehumidifying plaster KZ - CAP ARREGHINI
Dehumidifying plaster KZ - CAP ARREGHINI

Dehumidifying plaster KZ - CAP ARREGHINI
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