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Liquid waterproofing membrane

Manufacturer Tecsit System®

Tecsit Pro® Collection
The line Tecsit Pro ® brings to the market the real innovations in the field of waterproofing across a wide range of high quality, made ​​with pure polyurethane resin liquid, able to create a special membrane fully adhered, with features of high elasticity and breathability. Furthermore, eliminating the use of flames, it reduces to zero the risk of fire. Waterproofing  Tecsit Pro ® have been designed to achieve waterproof systems with very high reliability by reducing installation times and increasing the performance compared to traditional systems, while keeping competitive costs. Due to their aliphatic structure it can also be used for a use in view. The products Tecsit System ® meet the EU guidelines for these types of materials. EOTA (European Organization of Technical Approval).

Tecsit Pro Detail - Liquid waterproofing membrane.


6 kg
Liquid waterproofing membrane TECSIT PRO DETAIL - Tecsit System®

Liquid waterproofing membrane TECSIT PRO DETAIL - Tecsit System®
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