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EPOX 322 A + B

Transparent varnish

Manufacturer CAP ARREGHINI

Epoxcap Line
Water-dilutable, two-component, air-drying paint containing liquid epoxy resins hardened with amino adduct. It has excellent adhesion capacities on mineral substrates such as concrete, plaster, fibrocement, on synthetic substrates such as fibreglass, polycarbonate, carbon fibre, ABS, and on surfaces such as aluminium, galvanized steel and other light alloys. This product does not emit harmful odours or vapours during application or after drying. COLOURS:Colourless. USE:Protective and anti-wear treatment for flooring subjected to heavy foot traffic and rubber wheeled vehicle traffic as well as washing with high pressure water jet cleaners and detergents. Ideal for ringing the surfaces of plants and storerooms in the food industry into conformity with the requirements of the Italian Legislative Decree DL 155 and the HACCP certification. Ideal, therefore, for wineries, workshops, body shops, the tomato processing industry, slaughterhouses, garages, warehouses and in all cases in which resistance to chemical agents and abrasion is required.For pigmented finishes, paint over with Epox W A+B, Epox 435 HS, Epox N438 after 10-12 hours and within 72 hours. For transparent finishes, use Epox 322 A+B diluted with water by 30-50 % and paint over, waiting 6-8 hours between coats, but in any case within 72 hours. The exterior can be recoated with two-component polyurethane/acrylic aliphatic enamels. TOOLS:Brush, Roller. THINNING:30 -50% by weight and volume with water. COVERAGE:11-15 sq.m/kg per coat. DRYING:Dry to recoat 10-12h; light foot traffic 7 days. APPLICATION TEMPERATURE:+5°C +30°C. STORAGE:+5°C e +30°C.
Transparent varnish EPOX 322 A + B - CAP ARREGHINI

Transparent varnish EPOX 322 A + B - CAP ARREGHINI
Transparent varnish EPOX 322 A + B - CAP ARREGHINI

Transparent varnish EPOX 322 A + B - CAP ARREGHINI
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