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Manufacturer Würth

Superglue Collection
CA2050 - Cyanoacrylate superglue for universal application with rapid curing time.
Short functional strength for assembly work.
Good adhesive properties on various surfaces.
Good wetting of substrates.
Hard adhesive joint.
Especially short fixing time.
Very high strength.
Good UV stability.
High low and high temperature resistance.
Chemical basis Cyanoacrylate.
Colour Transparent.
Density 1.05 g/cm³.
Viscosity 20 mPas.
Min. tensile strength 0.1 N/mm².
Max. tensile strength 0.1 N/mm².
Stretch capacity 0 %.
Min. hardening time 4 s.
Max. hardening time 20 s.
Min./max. temperature conditions -30 to 100 °C.
Min./max. processing temperature 7 to 40 °C.
Min. processing temperature 7 °C.
Silicone-free Yes.
Solvent-free Yes.
Shelf life from production 9 Month.
Weight of content 20 g.


20 g
Superglue CA2050 - Würth

Superglue CA2050 - Würth
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