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Fitted kitchen with island

Manufacturer Cucine Lube

Clover Collection
The kitchen is a space that has always been the heart of any home. It should be built to last and is the setting for the most authentic and emotional parts of our domestic lives.
Clover is designed to last, thanks to the materials you can use to clothe it. The natural beauty of tactile wood finishes is combined with colours and materials that evoke the world of nature. This is clover. Authentic, natural and available in a thousand different shapes, from the most rational, square and minimalist, to the most sinuous, rounded and eclectic. This is a kitchen that can adapt to the most diverse furnishing requirements.

Providing the option to customise the kitchen area with infinite possible variations, keeping the different spaces as separate as possible according to function. The star of this composition is the central island unit, with a new design and shape, it contains both closed and open volumes. A shelf follows the shape of the room and embraces it with a slightly rounded form. The living area includes a corner composition with open elements that are great for storage.
The island block is divided into several levels, integrating the bases and the open elements acting as a support for the table.
The large suction hood completes the composition with its extremely clean design.
Open compartments and wall units alternate to create a rhythmic sequence which gives a sense of movement to this living area corner composition.

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 - Lacquered fitted kitchen with peninsula CLOVER 01 - Cucine Lube Lacquered fitted kitchen with peninsula By their nature and design, kitchens characterised by rounded base units and column units are the most suitable for open spaces without clear boundaries between the living or dining area. This composition represents the essence of a rounded kitchen, striking the right balance between form, style and function to create a warm and ergonomic embrace.
The snack bar follows the shape of the peninsula, opening out to leave enough space for the work area. The new glass support structure is strong and elegant.
Being transparent, it provides support without adding heaviness to the kitchen’s overall appearance.
The bookcase, available in the same finishes as the kitchen, contains the tv area, shelves and space for books and ornaments.
 - Linear fitted kitchen CLOVER 03 - Cucine Lube Linear fitted kitchen Linear and compact, but very appealing, this composition is characterised by the soft tones of the ash oak finish and the elegance of the lead grey and matt beaver colours. This peninsula has an unusual shape, with a support that enhances the ergonomic feel. The living room is waiting to be discovered with its ash oak wood panelling in contrast with the coordinated lacquer finishes of the kitchen.
The use of the new ash oak finish with knots combined with the lead grey colour creates a composition with a modern and harmonious character that is complimented by the titanium handles and plinth. 
Relax in a simple and linear living area characterised by intense lead grey and elegant wood panelling in ash oak with knots. 
The open elements are made from metal with a coordinated finish.
The hanging base units conceal compartments for hi-fi components.
 - Wood veneer fitted kitchen CLOVER 04 - Cucine Lube Wood veneer fitted kitchen Wood veneer with knots and vertical veins is synonymous with high quality and precious materials. The bright tones of the natural oak enhances this linear composition with its warm beauty. Nuances of graduated shades ranging from glossy and matt beaver on the wall units and column units to lichen green on the back panel, which both furnishes and provides a splash of colour.
 - Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER LUX - Cucine Lube Fitted kitchen with island Base units Lacquered in Kenya grey and columns Heat-treated veneered oak. Barazza Worktop Inox Steel Sp.20MM vintage finish. We propose a 10/10 stainless steel worktop Vintage finish, with beveled edge (mm 20 thickness) and integrated Lab sink, 0 radius sink bowl and removable flush cover. Handle Titanium ELLE metal grip ledge with curved profile. Table Table specially made for the composition with a veneered surface in heat-treated oak with matching leg support. 
 - Fitted kitchen with peninsula CLOVER BRIDGE - Cucine Lube Fitted kitchen with peninsula Base units Veneered knotted natural oak and columns Matt lacquered in warm white. DUPONT Corian Worktop Sp. 20 mm opz. Glacier white. Corian is a solid, compact material which is composed of 1/3 acrylic resin (polymethyl methacrylate; PMMA) and 2/3 natural minerals. The principal mineral is aluminium trihydrate, which is extracted from bauxite (used to make aluminium). Corian is easy to maintain and highly durable; it doesn’t chip, it is ideal for everyday use and it can withstand almost all kinds of scratches, cuts and knocks. It is a non-porous and completely solid material, and it can be fitted with hidden joins which make the surface 100% hygienic as certified by the American NSF and German LGA foundations. table Model Discovery 2 veneered natural knotted oak with white frame. Dimensions: diameter 135, H.78. 

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Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube

Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube
Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube

Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube
Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube

Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube
Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube

Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube
Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube

Fitted kitchen with island CLOVER 02 - Cucine Lube
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