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Wooden Bench

Manufacturer LAB23

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The structure of TORI consists of a steel EN10111DD11 tube bar, 102x2 mm. With a continuous wire welding, two vaulted pressed steel EN10111DD11 elements, T. 2 mm, are welded on the two extremities of the tube bar. The feet 37,56 high, are in tube bar as well, 102x2 mm, laser cut shaped and linked through a continuous wire welding to the main structure, furthermore they are welded with an inclination of 15 degrees with respect to the plank and positioned one opposite to the other. On the upper part of the principal tube bar, 27 steel EN10111DD11 brackets, T. 50/10, are welded with an inclination of 0,5 degrees, on which there are 2 holes, Ø 6 mm, used to fix the wooden ribs. On the feet some steel EN10111DD11 flanges are welded, T. 50/10, with 4 holes, Ø 10 mm, for the ground fixing. Eventual ground fixing with a concrete base and appropriate extension which can be concreted directly into deep foundations.


Length: 1700 mm
Width: 440 mm
Height: 450 mm

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Wooden Bench TORI - LAB23

Wooden Bench TORI - LAB23
Wooden Bench TORI - LAB23

Wooden Bench TORI - LAB23
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