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Concrete load-bearing block

Manufacturer ISOTEX

With the block formwork in wood-cement thickness of 25 cm, with 16 cm of concrete, load-bearing internal walls are made. The blocks are laid dry, without mortar. Every 1.5 metres (six courses of blocks) are inserted reinforced bars horizontally and vertically and filled with concrete. With one simple and fast operation we obtain a bearing wall fit for use in seismic areas and with high thermo-acoustic insulation properties, remarkable thermal inertia, good breathability and REI 180 fire resistance. Mineralised cement-wood is a natural product, certified as complying with green building standards and obtained from new pinewood recycled in a low-emission production process.

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Concrete load-bearing block BLOCCO HB 25/16 - ISOTEX

Concrete load-bearing block BLOCCO HB 25/16 - ISOTEX
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