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Multifunctional air-water unit

Manufacturer Thermocold Costruzioni

Multifunctional air-water units with axial fans and hermetic scroll compressors with Inverter for associated systems with 4 pipes.

• Compressors scroll with Inverter.
• ECO-PROFILE axial fans statically and dynamically balanced.
• Evaporator stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate type externally insulated complete of differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater.
• Recovery stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate type externally insulated.
• Condenser coils with seamless copper tubes and alluminium fins
• Double set point temperature for air conditioning water.
• Condensing/evaporating pressure control with variable fan speed modulation for external temperature up to -12°C.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• Microprocessor.
• Casing and panels in galvanised and painted steel.
• Communication card RS485.

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Multifunctional air-water unit 4VS-EA - Thermocold Costruzioni

Multifunctional air-water unit 4VS-EA - Thermocold Costruzioni
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