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Fabric decorative acoustical panels

Manufacturer Acousticpearls

Colors Fields Collection
acousticpearls presents DESIGNERS SELECTION our exclusive panel series for the famous COLOR FIELDS wall design system. 

This new series stands out in how it interacts with the space, in its unambiguous design, its high quality textiles, and the unique functional effect. Exclusive panel designs with extraordinary colors take center stage in this series, thanks to the efforts of color designers at acousticpearls and their inspirations taken from various themes and influences in architecture, art, and music.

As the first edition of DESIGNERS SELECTION, back to black is focused on dark colors and deep hues – a tribute to the aesthetics of the world of monochrome and the colors of the shadows. Powerful, yet elegant combinations of color. This edition evokes a modern and contemporary feeling, detracting nothing from its timeless emotion.

As the second edition of DESIGNERS SELECTION, summer in the city is focused on fresh and bright hues – a tribute to the desires of the summer: Warm evenings, be with friends, scent of flowers, cool water, eating ice cream, relaxing in the park … In different intensities, Azur - and blue tones are combined with green shades and give each room a light summer feeling.


60 x 180 cm

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Fabric decorative acoustical panels NO. 01 BACK TO BLACK - Acousticpearls

Fabric decorative acoustical panels NO. 01 BACK TO BLACK - Acousticpearls
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