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ALICE | Window handle

Zamak window handle

Manufacturer Frosio Bortolo

Forme® Fashion Collection
Elegant semplicity
Accurate lines and corners with net cuts make a minimal product with an essential and well-defined structure.  A clean gripping plane gives it a simple and decided elegance.
Typical example of functionality and style.

ROS QUADRA: 50 x 150 - cod. A184 | RQD0X (C02)
ROS TONDA: 52 x 151    - cod. A184 | RTS21 (C02)
PLACCA: 260 x 50 x 150 - cod. A184 | P06 (C02)
DK: 30 x 65 x 160            - cod. D184 | RRD (C02)

C01 – Polished Chrome 
C02 – Satin Chrome
N02 – Satin Nickel
N52 – Matt Black


30 x 65 x 160 cm

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Alice D184-RRD

Alice D184-RRD

Zamak window handle ALICE | Window handle - Frosio Bortolo
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