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Mortar for masonry

Manufacturer Bernardelli Group

MC15 is a pre-dosed mortar in polyethylene bags containing in separate sections silico-limestone aggregates, Portland cement, mineral additives and additives to improve the rheological characteristics of the product. The product complies with the European Standards EN 998-1 and EN 998-2 and within the parameters mentioned in Chapter 11 of DM 14/01/2008 "New Technical Standards for Construction".
MC15 is a mortar suitable for the entrapment of bearing walls and not for the realization of plaster inside and outside.
The presence in the formulation of selected aggregates, cement quality, additives, make MC15 particularly workable and easy to apply.

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Mortar for masonry MC15 - Bernardelli Group

Mortar for masonry MC15 - Bernardelli Group
Bernardelli group
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