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Waste bin

Manufacturer LAB23

Security Line
Two-section container for the waste collection, decorated by linear patterns. The design of the two-section lid makes it easier to identify the appropriate space for every type of rubbish with its colours and wording. To avoid mixing up the different types of rubbish, the container has an internal structure consisting of a partition and two separate bin-liner holders. Colours and text can be customised.


Height: 80 cm
Length: 46 cm
Capacity: 100 lt

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 - Waste bin STILE - LAB23 Waste bin The STILE bin consists of an external envelope, T. 20/10, decorated by linear patterns with different heights and length 10 mm in steel EN10111DD11, which is finally galvanised and polyester powder coated (or Corten treated with an oxidation cycle). Whereas the internal container is in galvanised steel EN10346DX51D+Z and polyester powder coated. On the upper part of the latter there are two oval holes, 120x60 mm, which serve as handles. The container is reinforced by a border, H 10 mm and Ø 5 mm, useful to adjust the elastic rope, Ø 10 mm, to fix the bin-liner holder. The cover is made of steel (or Corten treated with an oxidation cycle), thickness 40/10. The latter is fixed to the body of the bin through a strong hinge with three wings, T. 30/10. The bin itself is closed by a spring lock with a triangular key. On the cover there is a cigarette tray which consists of a pierced sheet plate, W 15/10, with several holes of 5 mm to extinguish the cigarettes. Two holes with a diameter of 20 mm are used to fix a galvanised and polyester powder coated steel box, W 20/10, which will contain the cigarette stubs. In order to guarantee the stability of the bin, its base is made of concrete and it can be ground fixed through appropriate bolts.

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Waste bin STILE DUO - LAB23

Waste bin STILE DUO - LAB23
Waste bin STILE DUO - LAB23

Waste bin STILE DUO - LAB23
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