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LITTER | Waste bin

Steel waste bin

Manufacturer LAB23

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The structure of LITTER BIN is made of galvanised and polyester powder coated steel (or Corten treated with an oxidation cycle), thickness 20/10. Inside the bin there is a waste container in galvanised steel EN10346DX51+Z, T. 15/10 and dimensions 315x315x H 830 mm. On the upper side there is a border to strengthen the bin, H 10 mm and Width 5 mm, helpful to adjust an elastic rope, Ø 10 mm, to fix the waste sack. To empty the inner container it is necessary to turn the handle, ensured to the body of the bin with by a spring lock with a triangular key. On the bottom of the bin there are four holes, Ø 10 mm, for ground fixing through appropriate bolts.


Length: 350 mm
Width: 350 mm
H bin: 850 mm
H total: 1050 mm
Capacity: 80 lt

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Steel waste bin LITTER | Waste bin - LAB23

Steel waste bin LITTER | Waste bin - LAB23
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