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Collector unit

Manufacturer Fiorini Industries

The VK series has galvanized and insulated tanks for chilled water, which are usually used to increase the thermal inertia of the conditioning device. The galvanization offers protection against corrosion.

✔ Material: carbon steel
✔ Treatment: internal and external hot-dip galvanization
✔ Insulation:
• Rigid foam with a thickness of 30 mm for vertical tanks with a capacity of up to 1000l
• Closed cell elastomere with a thickness of 20 mm for horizontal and tanks and special versions with a capacity of more than 1000l
✔ External covering: coloured PVC

Operational limits
Min temperature -10°C
Max temperature 60°C
Max pressure 6Bar

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Collector unit VK - Fiorini Industries

Collector unit VK - Fiorini Industries
Fiorini Industries
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