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Gas water heater

Manufacturer Fiorini Industries

The TWH and TWHE gas water heaters have a gas-tight housing, a forced flow and electric ignition. They are designed to be used in a professional setting, where a large amount of hot water is needed. They are also adapted to the needs of restaurants, hairdressers, thermal centres, laundry services, car washing services and other commercial purposes.
They differ from traditional water heaters in the fact that they measure the flow and temperature of the incoming water and then modulate the burner according to the needs, with a precision of 1°C. The technology makes it possible to have a continuous hot water flow.
A remote control, designed to be used with these water heaters and needed for making the machine function, makes it possible to regulate the temperature and the flow (function flow SET). Moreover, it gives detailed information about the functioning and gives diagnoses and information on possible malfunctioning and/or technical errors through numeric codes. If a technical problem is detected, the error code will light up. It is easy to connect the remote control to the device thanks to the low tension cable (which is supplied)

Main advantages
✔ Precise temperature selection (37 up to 80°C)
✔ Automatic start-up
✔ Anti-freeze protection on all models
✔ Up to 6 devices can be connected in series
✔ Very high performance copper heat exchanger which guarantees protection against corrosion
✔ Indoor and outdoor installation possible

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Gas water heater TWH - Fiorini Industries

Gas water heater TWH - Fiorini Industries
Fiorini Industries
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