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Gas water heater

Manufacturer Fiorini Industries

This type is the most technological and advanced gas water heater with an open combustion chamber. They are equipped with an electrical gas valve and an electronic ignition with flame ionization which replaces the pilot flame. All operations are commanded from an electronic control unit which supervises the correct functioning of the system, together with the detection electrode and the operating and security thermostat.
The ignition of the devices can be programmed from a distance through a programmable weekly timer which is connected to a command unit. 
The GE series have a number of advantages in comparison to devices with a pilot flame:
✔ lower operating cost because of the absence of a pilot flame
✔ no possibility of wrong functioning due to the extinction of the pilot flame by the wind, air currents or the poor regulation of that flame

The heaters are supplied with stainless steel multi gas burners, which function with methane or LPG, and a device which controls fumes. That device interrupts the gas flow to the burner in case of abnormal discharge and/or combustion. Magnesium anodes which are easily inspected and insulation with high density glass wool fibre blankerts ensure a long life span and simple use. The capacities vary between 150 and 2000 litres with a power between 10.6 and 34.8 kW.

✔ Piezo ignition
✔ Open combustion chamber
✔ Versions with LPG and methane

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Gas water heater GE - Fiorini Industries

Gas water heater GE - Fiorini Industries
Fiorini Industries
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