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Electric water heater

Manufacturer Fiorini Industries

The  BLUE BOIL gamma consists of water heaters with tube heat exchanger for the production of domestic hot water. They are available in several capacities, from 500 up to 5000 litres. Depending on their capacity, they are equipped with very thick rigid or flexible insulation, external cover in red PVC and a magnesium anode for the protection against galvanic currents.

✔ Special versions:
The BOIL BLUE gamma can also be customized on request: customized dimensions, flanged couplings, customized couplings, thicker insulation, thick aluminium coating etc…
✔ Materials:
The boilers are made from high quality materials such as: 
Tank: carbon steel ST235 JR
Tube heat exchanger: AISI 304 stainless steel
Exchanger head: galvanized carbon steel ST235 JR
✔ Internal protective treatment:
The water heaters are treated with Bluetech varnish, made of thermosetting resins, and suited for use with drinking water and food.
✔ Insulation:
The water heaters are insulated with flexible polyurethane with a thickness of 100mm. The insulation can be removed, which makes it possible to install the device in small spaces.
✔ Accessories on request:
Tube heat exchanger for steam or superheated water, external plate heat exchanger kit, impressed current electronic anode, electrical resistance.

max. temperature 80°C
max. pressure 6 bar

Primary circuit
max. temperature 110°C
max. pressure 12 bar

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Electric water heater BOIL BLUE - Fiorini Industries

Electric water heater BOIL BLUE - Fiorini Industries
Fiorini Industries


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