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Flower pot

Manufacturer LAB23

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The main structure of QUADDY consists of several steel EN10111DD11 elements, T. 30/10, linked together by special flanges 5 mm thick, with hexagonal M8 screws. In the middle of the bearing structure there is a steel EN10111DD11 planter, T. 25/10 and dimensions 1000x1000x600 mm. On the bottom part there are 2 overflow holes made of steel tubulars EN10111DD11, section 16X2 mm, H 50 mm.The planter is fixed to the main structure through 8 solid bent brackets, T. 30/10 with 30x30x30 mm dimensions, which serve as support for the wooden ribs of the seat. These are fixed on a steel EN10111DD11 sheet plate, W. 15/10. The ribs are in solid exotic wood 43x50 mm, treated with natural waterproof oils. Inside the bearing structure, on the four corners, there are four steel EN10111DD11 brackets, T. 50/10, each one with a M10 hole for ground fixing with appropriate bolts. All the steel elements are then cold galvanised and polyester powder coated.


H: 400/506,3 mm
Length: 2240,15 mm
Width: 2200 mm

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Flower pot QUADDY - LAB23

Flower pot QUADDY - LAB23
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