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Pump and circulator

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Stratos Series
Glandless circulation pump with threaded connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic performance control.
- High-efficiency pump especially for the single and two-family house and two to six-family house.
- Up to 90% electricity savings compared to older uncontrolled heating pumps
- Only 3 watts minimum power consumption
- Pre-selectable control modes for optimum load adaptation Δp-c (constant differential pressure), Δp-v (variable differential pressure) can be combined with the Dynamic Adapt control function
- Automatic setback operation
- Integrated motor protection
- LCD display displaying the current consumption in watts and the cumulative kilowatt hours
- Reset function for resetting the electricity meter or for resetting the settings to the factory settings
- "Hold" function (key lock) for disabling the settings
- Bleeding routine for automatic bleeding of the rotor chamber
- Quick electrical connection with Wilo-Connector
- Very high starting torque for reliable starting
Pump and circulator STRATOS PICO - WILO Italia

Pump and circulator STRATOS PICO - WILO Italia
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