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Automation component and system

Manufacturer CAME

Portable 433.92 MHz transmitter/timer
Available in wall-mounted or recessed versions.
Also wired.

Main characteristics
- 433.92 MHz transmitter/timer
- 1, 2, 5, 15 channels via radio
- 1 wired channel on Vivaldi Timer Wired 1

Specific features
- portable transmitters and timers
- simple silhouette with illuminated profile
- Vivaldi TX2 with self-learning
- compatible with Came TAM and TOP protocols

Vivaldi Monotouch
- single-channel transmitter button
- ideal for use with control panel with maintained action or sequential function
- the automation can control a single or a group of different automation
- programming buttons on the back
Automation component and system VIVALDI - CAME

Automation component and system VIVALDI - CAME
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