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Stairtec FIR

Stainless steel Step nosing

Manufacturer PROFILITEC

Resin Grip Collection
STAIRTEC FIR with Resin Grip is a technical stairnosing engineered specifically for stairs cladded with ceramic or grès tiles. Resistant and fast to install, it is the perfect cost effective alternative to the traditional “ceramic special pieces”. It allows an aesthetically and long lasting finishing of the stair’s edges. The resin stripes on the upper surface make the Stairtec FIR anti slip, certified R11. The profile is also resistant to abrasion (PEI 3) and to chemical agents. STAIRTEC FIR is a perfect solution both for modern and classical moods giving a clean and elegant touch to the ambience.



Stainless steel Step nosing Stairtec FIR - PROFILITEC

Stainless steel Step nosing Stairtec FIR - PROFILITEC
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