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Self-levelling mortar


Self levelling underlayment up to 30 mm.
• polymer modified
• self levelling
• waterproof
• low emission
• for exterior and interior use
• easy to process
• fast curing
• suitable for heated screeds
• pumpable
• for layers 3 – 30 mm thick
• meets class RWFC-550 according to DIN EN 13892-7
• EC1: very low emission
• CE Certified

SOLOPLAN-30 is used for smoothening and levelling in layers of 3 – 30 mm thick. Suitable surfaces are floors made of concrete in accordance to German Industrial Standard DIN 1045, heated and unheated cement screeds according to DIN 18560, old hardened tile surfacess and rapid hardening cement screeds (for example ASODUR-EZ6 Plus). SOLOPLAN-30 is suitable for exterior areas and areas subject to moisture loads, provided a suitable SCHOMBURG compound waterproofing sealant has been applied in advance. Other than the already planned surface, it is not suitable as a wearing surface without additional coating!

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 - Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN HF - BENFER SCHOMBURG Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN-HF
Cement-based, single component mineral-based floor levelling compound for heavy duty areas.
• Self levelling • Rapid hardening and ready for early traffic
• High abrasion and wear resistance • Waterproof
• Frost proof and salt resistant • Aging and UV resistant
• For interior and exterior application
• Can be sanded and polished • For layers 3-30 mm thick

Areas of application:
SOLOPLAN-HF is used as a floor coating, which is impermeable to water and highly resistant to abrasion on screed or concrete.
It is installed on industrial or commercial floors, loading ramps, garages, cellar floors, which need to be quickly in use and can be maintained with a smooth, wear resistant surface. As soon as SOLOPLAN-HF has hardened and the surface will not become damaged by foot traffic, a transparent protection to the surface against dirt and liquids should be applied.
SOLOPLAN-HF can be broadcast whilst wet with INDU DecorChips for a coloured design.
SOLOPLAN-HF can be coated with materials from the SCHOMBURG product range but sealers only after consultation with technical services.
SOLOPLAN-HF is suitable for overcoating with flexible, mineral-based waterproof slurries from the SCHOMBURG product range such as e.g. AQUAFIN-RS300 or AQUAFIN-2K/M.
 - Self-levelling screed SOLOPLAN FI - BENFER SCHOMBURG Self-levelling screed SOLOPLAN-FI
Self levelling, fiber reinforced levelling compound for wooden substrates.
• Fibre reinforced, suitable on plywood overlay
• Suitable on underfloor heating
• Fast curing, traversable after 2-3 hours*
• Flexible, polymer modified
• Low emission
• Easy to process, can be pump applied
• For layers 3 – 50 mm thick
• For interior application only
• EN 13813 CT-C30-F7

SOLOPLAN-FI is used for smoothening and levelling in layers of 3 -50 mm thick.
Suitable surfaces are floors made of concrete, heated and unheated cement screeds, old tile surfaces and rapid hardening cement screeds.
SOLOPLAN-FI is also suitable for use on plywood overlay, on chipboard and on old wooden floorboards as well.

SOLOPLAN-FI is a powder based, highly modified factory blended mortar with reinforcing fibers, which minimizes cracks on wooden floors. SOLOPLAN-FI is used at thicknesses from 3 – 50 mm for smoothing, floating and levelling. The wooden floor levelling compound SOLOPLAN-FI is suitable for producing flat, absorbent installation surfaces e.g. for textile finishes, vinyl or cushion flooring, PVC designer flooring, linoleum, cork and tiles.

• On timber floor boards, V100 chipboard without additional reinforcing mesh
• On old substrates with bonded adhesive and levelling compound residues
• For the restoration and repair of wooden floors and additionally for screeds and
substrates in old and new construction
• For producing flat, absorbent, high strength installation surfaces for textile and elastic
floor finishes as well as for ceramic tiles. When using beneath tiles and natural
or agglomerate stone, plan for additional de-coupling membranes on wooden
substrates. STEPBOARD in 9 and 15 mm thicknesses are available for this purpose.
• Suitable for use on heated substrates.


Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN 30 - BENFER SCHOMBURG

Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN 30 - BENFER SCHOMBURG
Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN 30 - BENFER SCHOMBURG

Self-levelling mortar SOLOPLAN 30 - BENFER SCHOMBURG
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