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Table-top bioethanol stainless steel fireplace

Manufacturer Bio-Blaze

It's a green product!
No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This fireplace uses bio-ethanol fuel to provide refined warmth and bring the joy of a real flame into your living space. Bio-ethanol burns clean and it is non-toxic. It releases small amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapor, similar to a candle.
Very easy to install & to use.
This is a free standing table fireplace that can be placed on the table or any stable surface.
The Kaslik is made of high quality powder coated steel, 4 tempered glass pieces for a greater sense of security and 4 felt pads to protect your surfaces.
Like all other Bio-Blaze® products, the Kaslik is equipped with a high quality brushed stainless steel adjustable burner that will bring you an elegant and relaxing flame.
The flame is easily extinguished by simply closing the damper.
All accessories are provided with this unit including a funnel, long lighter and manual.


L 400 x H 421.5 x D 400 mm

Further details

Main features

Product Dimensions

L 450 x H 450 x D 450 mm
L 17½" x H 17½" x D 17½"


15 kg
33 lbs


½ L burner - adjustable flame
½ qt burner - adjustable flame

Burning time

+/- 3 hrs - 0.33 l/h
+/- 3 hrs - ½ qt/h

Heating Capacity

2 KW
6824 BTU

Minimum Room surface

49 m³ (roof 2.45 m)
1730 ft³ (roof 8 ft)

Advised air exchange

every one hour for rooms
< 110 m³
< 3884 ft³

Included accessories

4 heat resistant glasses / Burner / Tool to regulate and
extinguish the flame / Funnel / Manual


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Table-top bioethanol stainless steel fireplace KASLIK LARGE - Bio-Blaze
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