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HUB | Leather sofa

Upholstered leather sofa

Manufacturer Montis

The HUB redefines the strength of modern furniture design. Powerful in its simplicity, with an eye for detail and comfort. Constructed from elementary mathematical hapes, this modest design is quiet to the eye, and to the space. As the design becomes part of a room, it creates the illusion of a greater space. The HUB is designed to bring people together and that is exactly what the functional arm and backrest d they surround you with comfort. And as your heels can reach the ground, you can always get up with ase. Friends, family, neighbours and colleagues; be invited to gather on this timeless sofa crafted for the true design lover.


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Upholstered leather sofa HUB | Leather sofa - Montis

Upholstered leather sofa HUB | Leather sofa - Montis
ORGATEC 2016 | Montis - Arian Brekveld
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