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FIRE | Vase

Wooden vase

Manufacturer Fuga

design by
Salt Collection
The Salt collection is inspired by the elements of nature, worshiped by our ancestors: textures, named «Water» and «Fire» resemble the ocean waves, lapping on the shore, and the flames. This collection is addressed to the ancient times, when nature and humans were one. Water and fire are the fundamental forces of nature that we managed to put to use for the benefit of mankind.

This vase from the Salt collecton is made from oak. We use a dry wood (wood humidity is near 6-10%, that complies with standard for wood, which is used for making furniture). The board has two surfaces: decorative, coated a texture, and working, smooth. This gives you a ariety of ways how to use it – like a cutting board, a serving board or home decorating. The texture of the board is hand made using a chainsaw, as in case of other our things. The surface of the board is covered with linseed oil; it emphasizes texture of wood and protects it against mold.
The wood becomes water-repellent after processing with oil. The wood doesn’t crack neither shrink, and this oil coating is natural analogue of lacquer and absolutely harmless.Every single thing is original and unique due to the specificity of manual labor.
There are distinctive features like forms, little cracks and roughness, tone intensity, which are inevitably related to natural materials.The board is absolutely functional, and can be washed in the dishwasher. After washing, it is necessary to wipe it with a towel.
 If necessary, you can refresh the cover by wiping the surface with a cloth moistened with linseed oil.


SMALL: L 20 W 11 D 11
MEDIUM: L 35 W 15 D 15

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Wooden vase FIRE | Vase - Fuga

Wooden vase FIRE | Vase - Fuga
Wooden vase FIRE | Vase - Fuga

Wooden vase FIRE | Vase - Fuga
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