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Manufacturer Evi Style by Luci Italiane

Gadora Collection
Gadora is the fusion of Made in Italy excellences. The wisdom of the Murano artistic works and the sophisticated Evi Style design are combined. Gadora is a meeting between different kinds of elegance. It represents the juxstaposition of the wavy blown glass "rigadin", with parallel ribs, and organza lampshades in refined colors . The unique aesthetic harmony of the Gadora collection makes the environment exclusive but at the same time gives the possibility to customize the space, to meet your needs in style and furniture. In addition to the options shown in our catalogue, the distinctive feature of these suspension lamps is that you can customize the pendants at different heights or create compositions of variable shapes, offering thus enhanced flexibility in terms of configuration. A completely elegant solution.

chromed metal.
Glass: blown "rigadin".
Diffuser: organza fireproof class 1 lampshades in these colors: ivory, white, blue-violet, grey-chrome, and golden teak.


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