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MELODY | Pendant lamp

Stainless steel pendant lamp

Manufacturer Quasar

Melody Collection
“Music makes you happy, so does my Melody!" Not only the shape in which you recognize music notes but also the light effect makes you happy. 
The designer wanted to prove that using led in a specific way, immediately will end the discussion on LED, not giving a warm romantic ambiance. By covering the inside of the reflector with a gold leaf the led gets more romantic and cosy warm light. All other metal parts are polished stainless steel.
The very warm light created by the gold leaf reflector is shining around the lamp. The light downwards is standard color 2700K. 
Melody can be used in your house but is also perfect in the lobby of an hotel. 
The “Wall-lamp” in fact is a suspended lamp. This model is developed to be mounted very close to the wall to give a washing light effect. The canopy has to be fixed to the ceiling.
The Floor lamp and Suspended lamp have an extra downlight in the centre for a good light effect downwards.

Lamps: 1 x 13 Watt + 1 x 7 Watt
Lumenoutput: 1572
CRI: 80+
Colour temperature: 2700K


Length: 40cm.
Width: 40cm.
Height: 21cm.
Cable length: 170cm.


Stainless steel pendant lamp MELODY | Pendant lamp - Quasar

Stainless steel pendant lamp MELODY | Pendant lamp - Quasar
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