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ARC | Dinner plate

Wooden dessert plate

Manufacturer Fuga

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Kika Collection
Kika is a collection of сomplemental oak plates and plateaus. It is inspired with traditional Russian ladies’ headpieces. The collection includes thirteen subjects (nine plateaus and four plates). All items can be used separately - they are completely independent - and in combination of each other. Plateu can be used as a tray or as an item for serving food: desserts, fruit and vegetables, pastry, cheese. Moreover, the plateu can be used with a plate, as a stand for cutlery, glasses or dishes.

This plate from the Kika collection is made from oak. We use a dry wood (wood humidity is near 6-10%, that complies with standard for wood, which is used for making furniture). Its inner surface is ideally grinded, and outside the board the texture is coated. The texture of plate is hand made using a chainsaw, as in case of other our things.The surface of the plate is covered with linseed oil; it emphasizes texture of wood and protects  it against mold. The wood becomes water-repellent properties after processing with oil. The wood doesn’t crack neither shrink, and this oil coating is natural analogue of lacquer and absolutely harmless.Every single thing is original and unique due to the specificity of manual labor. There are distinctive features like forms, little cracks and roughness, tone intensity, which are inevitably related natural materials.The plate is absolutely functional, and can be washed in the dishwasher. After washing, it is necessary to wipe it with a towel. However, the plate is not intended for long-term storage of liquids. If necessary, you can refresh the cover by wiping the surface with a cloth moistened with linseed oil.


L 23 W 18 Т 3

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Wooden dessert plate ARC | Dinner plate - Fuga

Wooden dessert plate ARC | Dinner plate - Fuga
Wooden dessert plate ARC | Dinner plate - Fuga

Wooden dessert plate ARC | Dinner plate - Fuga
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