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SIR 1100 | Grey water unit

Grey water unit

Manufacturer SALMSON

Collection and lift-pumping of wastewater from collective residential, tertiary and commercial buildings.

Effective volume of up to : 500 L
Manometric head of up to : 38 mWC
Fluid temperature limit : +40°C
Start-up frequency : Recommended: 20/h max.
Maximum particle size : 6 mm
Effluent inlet : DN 150
DN discharge port: : 11/2"
DN vent port: : DN 100
Mains supply : 1~230 V, 3~400 V, 50 Hz
P2 power : Up to 2 x 2.5 kW
Normal/Back-up configuration : 1 or 2 pumps
Regulation mode : Fixed speed

Energy savings
Control by variation of level
Easy installation 
Compact product
Up to 4 water inlet connections available
Buried installation 100% tight to odours, gases and liquids
Easy maintenance 
Connection for cleaning out the discharge piping
Automatic operation
Easily removable suspended pump
System protection 
Regulation of level by EAPS piezometric detector or environmentally-friendly level controller
No holes in the lower part of the tank
Corrosion-proof product
Stabilising fins to withstand pressure of flood waters

2-pole asynchronous technology motor with 304 or 316 L stainless steel casing according to model
Integral motor protection via temperature sensor
Reinforced bearings
Polyurethane and cast-iron construction
Grinding hydraulics. On demand: vortex or single-channel hydraulics
Double sealing with oil bath
Medium-density, corrosion-resistant polyethylene: 1100 L
Stainless steel discharge pipework, ball valves, full-flow valves, pump-lifting chains, float-switch mounts and suspension hook
Grey water unit SIR 1100 | Grey water unit - SALMSON

Grey water unit SIR 1100 | Grey water unit - SALMSON
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