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Marble grit wall/floor tiles

Manufacturer Mipa

Modulo Collection
MODULO is a design system with 9 polygonal modules; 6 plain ones and 3 shaped ones.
It is a contemporary twist on the traditional terrazzo floor.
Not just a collection of versatile designs but a richly decorative solution that can be matched with a wide range of decors. You can choose the shapes and colour combinations based on your personal tastes. 
Colours and sizes
The colour palette is redolent of the typical atmospheres of 1950s Italian architecture. Two palettes are available, with different colours and differently sized marble chips. Mix/L has more varied colours and smaller marble chips, while Tone/XL provides more even shades and bigger marble chips.
All shades are natural nuances of grey, beige, red and brown.
Available in a matt finish.
40x40 cm and 40x8 cm sizes have been included too, for the Contract world.
A versatile size that can be customised with the addition of MODULO materials and colours.
With all these colour palettes and shapes, MODULO can be customised in many different ways, embracing new designs that match your style and home. Combinations of cut tiles produce large-size designs that are perfect for wide or public areas.
The style
MODULO’s style is different from any of Mipa’s previous collections: its rich decorative effect gives pride of place to plain shapes without compromising on elegance or design. 
A brand-new way to look at floors that is in perfect keeping with the company’s trend for going back to all things traditional.
A process built on a contemporary heritage that sees the past as a driver of change and that supports tradition with unfailing efforts in research and innovation. Because making a product evolve from history and tradition means giving it a new lease of life.
Made in Italy
MIPA’s products are all made in Italy. Natural raw materials and eco-friendly processes deliver unique handicrafts that are however outstandingly high-tech and effective. Any part of our terrazzo tiles is natural: the marble dust and chips, the white concrete, the natural oxides.
A new dimension of terrazzo floors, a unique, distinctive view that turns these products into designer pieces that add opulence and value to any area.


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Marble grit wall/floor tiles BRICKS - Mipa
Marble grit wall/floor tiles BRICKS - Mipa

Marble grit wall/floor tiles BRICKS - Mipa
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