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Porcelain stoneware and glass flooring

Manufacturer VETROVIVO

STUCK & Co Collection
Decorated ultraslim Gres and Glass panels that match with tiles embellished by Stuck inserts.
A new concept of the internal decoration has born, the different materials are designed to be proposed together, combined each others in a perfect chromatic and stylistic balance.
Everything comes to a new life, it is an innovative combination ranging from tiles to panels offering materials with strong creative inspirations and with a great planning potential.Uncountable and every time unique are the combinations that STUCK & Co. allows to identify, joining and combining to get always different solutions and emotions.

STUCK - Porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles with glass inserts - mm 10
GLASSWALL - Ultraslim extra-large tiles of monolithic glass in plain colours with mat finishing or with onyx effect texture suitable for wall coating - mm 4
WALLKER - Ultraslim extra-large porcelain tiles - mm 4

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Porcelain stoneware and glass flooring KAND - VETROVIVO

Porcelain stoneware and glass flooring KAND - VETROVIVO
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