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ROSY MAX for replacement

Wall-mounted hot-water radiator

Manufacturer CORDIVARI


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 - Wall-mounted panel radiator ROSY MAX - CORDIVARI Wall-mounted panel radiator Rosy Max, with elegant design and neoclassical shape, starts form the historical radiator Rosy, developing it and, thanks to the structure and positioning of the elements, allows high thermal output. It is suitable for energy saving systems such as condensation boilers and heat pumps and also for houses designed in A energy-class.
Like Rosy Picture it is possible to customize Rosy Max with a standard Cordivari picture or with a picture of your own choice. The radiator is submitted to a sophisticated painting treatment, which allows to fix the chosen image forever.
Material: painted carbon steel
Available in 88 colours and different dimensions

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Wall-mounted hot-water radiator ROSY MAX for replacement - CORDIVARI

Wall-mounted hot-water radiator ROSY MAX for replacement - CORDIVARI
CERSAIE 2016 | Cordivari - Luca Di Giannatale, Mariano Moroni
CERSAIE 2016 | Cordivari - Marco Pisati
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