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PK - 600

Marble bowl

Manufacturer Architectmade

The PK-600 is a sculptural piece in luxurious black marquina marble. It was originally designed by Poul Kjærholm to stand as an oversized ashtray in the town of Fredericia in 1963. It is produced according to the original drawings by the architect and has Poul Kjærholm’s signature engraved on the bottom side.
The bowl measures 60 by 60 cm and is 30 cm tall. It weighs around 250 kg. The smooth, semi-spherical inner black marble surface reflects any incoming light in a soft, subdued way. The PK-600 can be used for its original intended purpose, but it looks just as beautiful standing on its own as an artwork.


60x60 cm
H 30 cm

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 - Marble bowl PK - MINI - Architectmade Marble bowl PK-Mini consists of two sculptural bowls made of black Nero Marquina Marble and white Volakas Marble. The two bowls are related to the PK-600, PK-Bowl and PK-Marble, which Poul Kjærholm made in 1963. As their predecessors, PK-Mini embraces contrasts between black and white; between the gracefully curved veins and the solid stone. It highlights the contrast between the soft shaped interior and the raw, rugged exterior.

Nero Marquina Marble is known for its soft black color accented by graceful white veins. White Volakas Marble is known for its clean white stone with light grey veining that provides a classic and timeless expression. The shape of PK-Mini highlights these distinct qualities of the marble. The polished rounded bowl gently reflects incoming light. The organic pattern created by the veins makes an interesting interplay with the clean lines of the design. Kjærholm’s timeless design is a remarkable juxtaposition of opposites that finds a new dimension in PK-Mini.

Available for purchase from the 15th of February 2017.
 - Marble bowl PK - MARBLE - Architectmade Marble bowl PK-Marble is a sculptural piece related to Poul Kjærholms PK-600 and PK-Bowl. PK-Marble elegantly combines the timeless Nero Marquina marble of the PK-600 with the size of the PK-Bowl. Its smooth and rounded inner black marble surface softly reflects incoming light, adding contrasts to the raw and unpolished exterior. PK-Marble is a timeless piece of art juxtaposing contrasts between the feminine and masculine.
 - Granite bowl PK - BOWL - Architectmade Granite bowl In 1963 Kjærholm designed a smaller version of the PK-600 in granite for individual households due to the original’s popularity. This way everybody could enjoy the design from the comfort of their own home.
The PK-Bowl is made out of granite and measures 15 by 15 cm and is 7 cm tall. It features a stark contrast between the polished, smooth inside and the rough outside. Whether used as an ashtray or as decoration, the PK-Bowl represents timeless design, whose functionality will be appreciated by generations to come.
Marble bowl PK - 600 - Architectmade

Marble bowl PK - 600 - Architectmade
Marble bowl PK - 600 - Architectmade

Marble bowl PK - 600 - Architectmade
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