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Pump and circulator

Manufacturer WILO Italia

Axially spilt case pump mounted on a baseplate.
Pumping heating water in accordance with VDI  2035 water/glycol mixtures, cooling/cold water and domestic hot waterApplications in municipal water supply, irrigation, building services, general industry, power stations, etc.
Special features/product advantages
- Efficient hydraulics for high flow rates up to 17,000 m³/h
- Low NPSH thanks to double suction impeller
- High process reliability and easy maintenance without removing the pressure or suction lines
- Decreased noise level and reduced vibrations
- Options: Energy-efficient IE3/IE4 motors, drinking water approval (KTW, ACS), innovative Ceram CT coating
Pump and circulator SCP - WILO Italia

Pump and circulator SCP - WILO Italia
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