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Rainwater recovery system

Manufacturer WILO Italia

RainSystem Series
Automatic rainwater utilisation system with run-down tank and 2 non-self-priming pumps
Commercial and industrial rainwater utilisation for conserving drinking water as a hybrid system in conjunction with rainwater storage tanks or vessels
Special features/product advantages
- Low-noise due to optimised overall flow and noise concept (multistage centrifugal pumps)
- Maximum operating reliability through the use of fully electronic RainControl Hybrid controller
- High economic efficiency due to needs-based fresh water replenishment
- Automatic control of the feeding pump
- System/level control in low-voltage range
- Tested according to requirements of RAL‐GZ 994 quality standard
Rainwater recovery system RAINSYSTEM AF 400 - WILO Italia

Rainwater recovery system RAINSYSTEM AF 400 - WILO Italia
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