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Fireproof panel for interior partition

Manufacturer Sifar Placcati

EFFEERRE is an innovative system created in order to simplify the manufacturing of fireproof panels used in construction of yacht and super-yacht. EFFERRE sandwich-panel range (class A60 and B 15) is RINA approved.
Compared with the existing sandwich panels in the market EFFEERRE system has a stronger resistance to fire, is lighter and has a superior sound-absorbant properties. lt is also easier and faster to assemble and more environmental friendly due to a lack of toxic emissions during the cutting process. EFFEERRE is composed by laminated Okoume plywood, cork and a fireresistant core structure. It can be covered by various decorative materials such as: veneers, laminates etc. It is ideal for bulkheads, potfuls, ceilings and doors.
EFFEERRE is supplied together with Promatech H and a special ceramic glue needed for panel cutting.
Fireproof panel for interior partition EFFEERRE - Sifar Placcati

Fireproof panel for interior partition EFFEERRE - Sifar Placcati
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