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VEGA Steel deck

Tubular structure and scaffolding

Manufacturer Condor

The deck is made with a surface in galvanized sheet, with anti-slip protruded elements on the walking level. The support structure is made with two cold-formed frames, fastened to the heet with a clinching system.  Hook fittings are made by cold-pressing the galvanized sheet. The deck is put in place with three hooks with ribs, in order to ensure a perfect resting on prefabricated frame’s transoms. The hook fittings are fastened to the surface with a clinching system. Each head has a safety steel lock, which slides in a rail placed in the head itself. This steel lock is formed so that it cannot loosen after being assembled. The deck has a 300Kg/mq (class 4) authorized capacity and it is produced in only one length (180cm).

Tubular structure and scaffolding VEGA Steel deck - Condor

Tubular structure and scaffolding VEGA Steel deck - Condor
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