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Special steel formwork

In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system

Manufacturer Condor

Steel formworks guarantee a perfect finishing of the exposed concrete. They are made up of steel sheets with commercial profile reinforcements and they can be moved singularly or with CONDOR standard panels thus simplifying shuttering, stripping and handling phases. These formworks are also used for circular columns reaching to 150 kN/sqm concrete pressure. Since they are custom-designed, they can have any height and they can be overlapped, thus nsuring the best solutions for the construction site’s needs. The overlap is achieved through
bolts and nuts and quick-release pins, which become also the gripping point for the accessory. Connections with the standard formworks are
performed by using Condor adjustable clamp. Where joints are located, the overhanging steel covering allows sealed closure, thus preventing
concrete to come out. Formworks are powder coated. When customer needs is reduce the visual impact of the formworks’ print on the castings
and to improve chromatic homogeneity of the finish work, the perfect solution is the supply of the special steel formworks without tie rods and
including the concrete wall vibration system. In this way, it’s guaranted a fair-faced finishing of the concrete also in the event that architecture
motifs are impressed on the concrete with steel negatives matching the formworks.
In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system Special steel formwork - Condor

In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system Special steel formwork - Condor
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