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3-ply panel

In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system

Manufacturer Condor

Standard formwork panel, made up of three layers of spruce panels glued together and produced in 21 and 27mm thickness. The three solid wood panels are glued together with the BFU 100 (AW 100) glue, external finishing is with resistant melamine resine coating(130g/sqm) and edges protected with water repellent polyurethane sealant, in compliance with Austrian standard Ö-Norm B 3023.

The characteristics of the system are:

-- High dimensional stability;
-- High quality of concrete finishing;
-- Water-repellent edge sealing;
-- Covering in high-resistance yellow melamine resin (130 g/sqm);
-- High number of re-uses: average values included between 20-30 (values are purely indicative and strongly depend on conditions of use and treatment).
-- Austrian standard Ö-Norm B 3023 (3 layer formworks panels);
-- PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes – International certification system for the sustainable management of  forests). It ensures that the company has a tracking system for wooden products coming from PEFC-certificated woods.
In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system 3-ply panel - Condor

In situ concrete loadbearing masonry system 3-ply panel - Condor
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