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Mechanical forced ventilation system

Manufacturer O.ERRE

TEMPERO ECO IL - Counterflow heat exchanger for in line installation:
•    High thermal efficiency: heat exchanger > 90%;
•    EC centrifugal brushless motors, high performance, low energy consumption;
•    Equipped with filters F7 both for inlet and outlet;
•    Particularly suitable for false ceiling installation;
•    Drip tray with siphon outlet for condensation drainage;
•    Base, electronic and electronic with by pass model options (on base version automatic by pass available on request);
•    Electronic control unit (E, E BP versions);
•    Adjustable speed:
      from 10% to 100% on base version by
      potentiometer; from 10% to 100% on electronic
      version with 1% variations through on-board/remote display;
•     Anti-freeze protection system (only electronic version);
•    Max temperature of extracted air: 50°C;
•    Insulation class I.


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Mechanical forced ventilation system TEMPERO ECO IL - O.ERRE

Mechanical forced ventilation system TEMPERO ECO IL - O.ERRE
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