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Glass mosaic

Manufacturer DG Mosaic

RAIN Collection
Mosaics within this collection feature ultra clear glass picotesserae (ranging from 3,5 to 7 mm),
which are positioned on the 288 x 288 mm support tiles with a rain-like technique. This collection is
suitable for multicolour applications (shaded or non-shaded), and for “pixel-style” artistic designs
featuring the peculiar effect obtained with the chosen positioning technique.
All multicolour effects and artistic designs can be customised upon request.


1152x2880 mm

Further details

TILLA® by DG Mosaic is the smallest orthogonal mosaic glass tessera worldwide. With its 17 nanolayers of infinitesimal thickness, TILLA® is compact, refined, smart, and lightweight. A superior product, offering virtually unlimited durability.
TILLA® was created to cater for the needs of the most ambitious projects in the fields of architecture and design, and to contribute to the evolution of new architectonic languages.
Each glass tessera can be further decorated with metal or pearl based foils.
The deployment of decorative foil highlights the colours, brightness, and uniqueness of each tessera.

TILLA®’s unique technology makes it an ideal fit for any kind of mosaic style and subject, from beloved classics to modern interpretations.

Glass mosaic tesserae feature extraordinary transparency, catering for a whole new range of applications, and unrivalled emotional impact. With our exclusive backlighting option, customers can enjoy unprecedented chromatic effects.

DG Mosaic Catalogues


Glass mosaic SILK SUGAR - DG Mosaic

Glass mosaic SILK SUGAR - DG Mosaic
Glass mosaic SILK SUGAR - DG Mosaic

Glass mosaic SILK SUGAR - DG Mosaic
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