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Mechanical forced ventilation system

Manufacturer O.ERRE

DES - Air Destratifier suitable to be installed in environment where the height of the ceiling is over 4 meters. 
•    Their main function is to prevent the formation of air layers with different temperatures through the air blending in the environment where installed;
•    Composed of single phase axial fan, equipped with an aluminium balanced impeller, mounted on body in steel material painted, supplied with specific rings to be fixed in suspension. The lower part is equipped with adjustable deflector fins in order to regulate the airflow according to specific requirements;
•    On winter: the hot air accumulated on the top of the environments is conveyed in the lower area heating it and reducing the relative humidity, it contributes to energy saving with a reduction of heating expenses (up to 30%);
•    On summer: the air movement creates fresh effect due to the body humidity evaporation. The relative humidity to the ground is reduced (up to 20%) due to the homogenization;
•    The thermostat on the product allows to work automatically according to the air temperature;
•    Ball bearing single phase class F insulation motor IP55 protected;
•    Motor speed can be regulated through the industrial controllers (see accessories).


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Mechanical forced ventilation system DES - O.ERRE

Mechanical forced ventilation system DES - O.ERRE
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