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Centrifugal and axial fan

Manufacturer O.ERRE

TXA - The most compact. Ideal for small/medium sized structures. 
•    Centrifugal roof fan to extract air or fumes directly outside or through ducting;
•    Suitable for domestic and industrial applications, such as block of flats, houses, offices, restaurants, gyms, swimming-pools;
•    Motor impeller with external rotor, statically and dynamically balanced equipped with a ball bearing class B insulation motor, IP44 protected;
•    IPX5 protected;
•    Max temperature of extracted air: 70°C (model TXC 402 max. temp. 60°C);
•    Fast and easy installation;
•    Suitable to be installed on standard chimney flues 30x30 cm or 40x40 cm;
•    Low energy consumption and reduced sound level;
•    Zinc plated steel frame complete with plastic cover;
•    Safety protection outside grille;
•    Self-cleaning backward curved blade impeller;
•    Adjustable speed through RGM2 or RGE controller (see accessories);
•    In accordance with the essential requirements of the current European Directives and with European Standard EN 60335-2-80.


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Centrifugal and axial fan TXA - O.ERRE

Centrifugal and axial fan TXA - O.ERRE
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