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Mechanical heat and smoke evacuator

Manufacturer O.ERRE

Induction fans are designed for forced ventilation of underground car parkings. They are used, in normal conditions, to remove pollutants from the garage (i.e. CO) and , in emergency conditions (fire), to convey smokes and other combustion fumes towards the evacuation shaft. The most relevant characteristic of the induction ventilation system is  the absence of ducting and hence the following advantages are there:
• Lower cost of the complete system
• Lower running costs
• Higher flexibility
• Lower vertical obstruction
• Lower maintenance cost
PVI-HT fans are designed and manufactured according to the European Standard EN 12101-3 and  have been certified by an Acknowledged Qualified Institute.
PVI-HT range is suitable for continuous service at 40°C air temperature and, in case of fire (emergency) at 300°C for 2 houres (F300). The series is composed by two models with thrust of 50Nw and 100 Nw.
Construction features
• Self supporting structure in steel sheet with corrosion resistant finish
• Backward bladed impeller with high efficiency in
  galvanized steel sheet, balanced according to UNI-ISO 1940
• Intake safety grid with anticorrosion treatment
• Two-speed asynchronous 3-phase motor, suitable for      
  continuous service at 40°C and for 2 hours at 300°C (F300)
• Built-in service switch & terminal box
On request, PVI-HT series is available with standard motor, only suitable for evacuation of polluting gase.


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Mechanical heat and smoke evacuator PVI HT - O.ERRE

Mechanical heat and smoke evacuator PVI HT - O.ERRE
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