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Wood-burning closed fireplace with panoramic glass

Manufacturer Stûv

Stûv 16 Collection
Stûv 16: Innovative techniques for a designer look that really works.
Our products provide ways to layout and rearrange your interior. The story that they tell is straightforward and warm, simple and efficient. A story where appearance is functional and where objects blend into the architecture. Quality and perfection are the watchwords at Stûv. To improve is to simplify. This means humanising design. It also means constant innovation until a perfect harmony is found between pleasure and respect for the environment. Stûv is a state of mind.
The Stûv 16 family is totally unique, with its clean lines showcasing the flames to perfection. Ultra-enhanced combustion techniques guarantee fantastic performance. The endless possibilities that they offer mean that there is one perfect solution for every home. Stûv fires are easy to install, and particularly well suited to low-energy houses. Welcome home! Stûv 16… An innovative, out-of-the-ordinary range.

With its simple, streamlined design and integrated log store, this stove is available in three sizes.


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Wood-burning closed fireplace with panoramic glass STÛV 16-H - Stûv

Wood-burning closed fireplace with panoramic glass STÛV 16-H - Stûv
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