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LED ceiling recessed spotlight

Manufacturer PLEXIFORM

Plexiform’s Technical Centre gives birth to Sistema9 a module which is an innovative combination of power LED, lens and optic in a reduced space. This product provides high light output, with an incredible UGR (glare factor) equals to 9, excellent visual comfort and control of the photometric curve. The product ensures thus low luminance values. Sistema9 is a lighting module that can be installed in existing Plexiform luminaire systems creating a multiplicity of variants and combinations (eg Dinamica S9, Ovo S9 and Recessed Dinamica S9, etc.).

Sistema9 applications
- Ovo S9
- Dinamica S9
- Dinamica incasso S9
Single module
LED 2W - 300 lm - 3000K/4000K
UGR <9
CRI ≥90
Apertura fascio 30°
Beam angle 30° 


PLEXIFORM Catalogues

LED ceiling recessed spotlight SISTEMA9 - PLEXIFORM

LED ceiling recessed spotlight SISTEMA9 - PLEXIFORM
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