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CLEOSTEEL 48 - 1160000

Stainless steel flush plate

Manufacturer Fir Italia

CleoSteel 48 Collection
The CleoSteel 48 collection is the first Fir Italia "Green" Total Look tap and mixer collection made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
CleoSteel is the interpretation of a cylindrical minimalist design, whose pure and simple forms, with a 40-mm diameter stainless steel body, are easy to incorporate in bathrooms with different identities.
CleoSteel is also available in the variant “mini”, even more minimal and with a 35 mm diameter body.
“Green” Total Look is a new and revolutionary “bathroom concept” that proposes taps and mixers for the bathroom and shower solutions which are safe for both the environment and people, in line with the new trends and needs of interior design and furnishing.
• Eco-friendly, reliable and totally hygienic materials. AISI 316/L stainless steel taps and mixers. Relevant built-in parts in lead-free DZR brass.
• “Energy saving” solutions to optimize water consumption. 6 l/m flow restrictors installed on all taps and mixers and 9 l/m flow restrictors on all shower heads, with a consequent saving of about 50% of water consumption in the bathroom.
• Ultra-minimalist design of new generation. Reinterpretation of the squared and cylindrical styles thanks to the stainless steel characteristics.

WC flush plate (compatible with Geberit UP320 and UP720 models).


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Stainless steel flush plate CLEOSTEEL 48 - 1160000 - Fir Italia

Stainless steel flush plate CLEOSTEEL 48 - 1160000 - Fir Italia
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